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About Us
Golden Forestry Services, Inc. (GFS Inc.) is a locally-owned forestry consulting
company dedicated to serving forest landowners throughout Maine, since 2003.  
Having grown clientele exponentially over the years, and incorporating in 2007, we
continue to deliver top-notch forestry services in a timely fashion, with the utmost
professionalism, and at a competitive price.  GFS Inc. continues to lead in delivering
cost-shared services to its clients, including the development of Tree Growth Plans,
Forest Stewardship Plans (WoodsWISE Plans), USDA-NRCS Forest Conservation
Activity Plans (FCAP's), and a full spectrum of practices, including NRCS EQIP
practices.  Our plans are adaptable to meet client needs, from bare-bones with just
the essentials, or complex to meet certification and/or cost-sharing standards.  Plans
may include aerial photos, various maps, timber inventories and appraisals, as well
as prescriptions needed to maximize landowner objectives, while minimizing costs.  
We are able to administer any practice that is prescribed to meet landowner
objectives.  From 10 to over 10,000 acres, we adapt services to best meet our clients'
diverse ownership objectives.  No job is too big or too small, and we welcome new
clients at any time, adding to our existing list of individuals, partnerships, corporations,
non-profits, state and local government.  Our clients are our greatest assets.  We
thank them and welcome forestry questions any time.  Our goal is simple, to treat
every client like our best client.

David Wardrop, President and owner of GFS Inc., is a 1998 graduate of the University
of Maine, Orono, forest management program, and holds a forester license, a wood
scaler's license, Maine Forest Service Stewardship Forester certification, NRCS
Technical Service Provider (TSP) and an American Tree-Farm Inspector.  With two
decades of forest management experience in every corner of the state, services can
easily be adapted to meet a forest landowner's individual needs.  He feels strongly
that open communication with clients leads to informed decision making.  When you
call GFS Inc., you speak directly with the owner, so you can rest assured that your
questions will be answered directly and objectives will be met as discussed.  We
continually strive to improve our services and are committed to excellence in the forest
management industry.  Want an unbiased reference...call your local Maine Forest
Service District Forester and ask them about us.  We are happy to provide a list of
happy clients for references as well.

"I love my job, and few things make me happier than a satisfied client and a job
well done.  Whether planting trees with school kids, manipulating habitat for
wildlife diversity or viewing opportunities, improving forest growth and value,
lowering a client's tax bill, discovering wild edibles & medicines, or placing a
stamp of approval for green certification, any opportunity to improve Maine
forests and assist those who own them makes every day a great day.  I am

Landowner goals can be as dynamic as the forest itself, and I look forward to
working with you, your children, & the next owner down the road.  Whether your
ownership goals are short-term or long-term, I would appreciate the opportunity to
be your professional manager that helps you meet your ownership objectives,
while maximizing the various opportunities your land has to offer, long-term, for
private and public benefit."
Wildlife den tree
UMaine forestry student tour, Glenburn, Maine
Land Trust tour, Marsh Island Preserve, Orono, Maine
Argyle Peace Sign
Chestnuts in Maine
Original GFS logo scene in Christmas tree plantation
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