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Ten Landowner tips for successful ownership, from Golden Forestry Services, Inc.

1. Paint your boundary lines every ten years.  This is easily the best insurance policy for your

Know your neighbors and their goals.  Your neighbors can be your best resource or your
biggest challenge.  Pooled resources, shared costs and added security are just some
benefits that can be obtained by piggy-backing with your neighbors.

Conduct a timber inventory and know you timber basis.  This will save you money in the
long run.  Most landowners who hire loggers directly, without forester representation, to "save
money", overlook this potentially huge money-saving item.

Seek independent forester representation.  A competent, independent, consulting
forester will work solely in your best interest.  If you aren't paying the forester directly, who is
and why?  Landowners make more money on a harvest when they utilize an independent
consulting forester, even after forester fees!

Keep and maintain a land management diary.  Keep a written log of work performed,
hours spent, mileage, etc.  These records will help down the road.

Monitor you land frequently.  Next to clear boundary lines, this is a great insurance policy.  
If you are from away, have a trusted companion or neighbor monitor your land for you.  We are
happy to swing by when in the area.

Golden rule of any point in your forest, stick out your thumb and turn 360
degrees.  If you count more than 15 trees that are wider than your thumb, then a timber
assessment by a professional forester is advised to measure stocking levels.

Think about fire management around structures.  Create and maintain a natural fire
buffer between all structures and forestlands.

Check references!!!  Every profession has bad apples, including forestry and logging.  Call
your local Maine Forest Service representatives for reputable professionals.  It should take
less than an hour of your time and save from headaches down the road.

Educate yourself.  There are many good resources out there, including on the internet.  
See the links below for a handful of them, or
contact us.
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